At six months old, Sonny Orza would be wrapped in blankets and placed in what was known as a 'Cushman’s Bakery box' (a cardboard box in which baked goods were delivered) at the Orza sleep. His parents were busy working at the Orza Bakery not only during the day, but into the night as well. The entire family was involved in the family business and there were no babysitters on hand. It’s really no surprise that bread has been Sonny's business and his “staff of life”.

Throughout his childhood, Sonny would make deliveries with his dad in a cold, open-sided truck. Sonny would ride 'shot gun' while his father. Anthony Sr.,  jumped out to make bread deliveries. Italian bread was the only product they made at the time and Orza Bakery delivered. Bread was a community staple at the time, and the Orza’s played a big part in fulfilling the needs of a bustling post-war Yonkers.

As the business matured, so did Sonny. The volume of customers grew tremendously through the 50’s and 60’s. As time marched on, the Orza grandparents passed on, Sonny's parents sought to retire and after attending Fordham University, Sonny was charged with running the family business. Drawing inspiration from the friends he had made along the way coupled with an infectious “can do” attitude, Sonny became the consummate salesman of Orza Bread. Their product at the time was making a name for itself in that it had a taste and consistency like no other of it’s kind.

With word of Sonny's fabulous breads getting around, it wasn't long before some highly rated dining establishments began to take notice.  A good friend at the Vernon Hills Country Club once asked Sonny to provide baked goods for him.  (scroll down)

With this opportunity, the proverbial dough really began to rise. Doors began to open. Within a short period of time, Sonny won the business of the prestigious Harry M. Stevens account which introduced Orza Bakery’s creations to a new audience at every race track and sporting venue in the area including Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden.

With changes in market demand and the tastes of the consumer, Sonny Orza saw an opportunity to further expand his product offering by establishing The Bread Factory in 1999, an artisanal bakery creating the finest, most delicious pastries, cakes, pies, danish, cupcakes, and specialty breads around.  With a well-trained a talented staff of artisanal bakers using only the purest ingredients available, The Bread Factory specializes in ‘made by hand’  product using signature Bread Factory recipes and techniques. Taking cues from the original Orza Bakery, The Bread Factory continues to be family affair as Sonny's daughter Andrea Orza-Olivieri works alongside him ensuring that the operation continues to run smoothly.

After years of establishing himself as an ambassador of good will, a dedicated steward to the betterment of his employees and becoming a pillar of his community, Sonny's dedication to his craft and the ‘esprit de corps’ he instills in his staff shows in every product The Bread Factory sells.

Here's a look at some of Sonny's many loyal and satisfied customers:

The Yankee Stadium Clubhouse - Bobby Vans - Uncle Jack's - BLT Steakhouse, Le Petit Maison - Le Provencal - Sans Culottes - The NY Palace Hotel - The Carlysle Hotel - The Ritz Carlton - The Park Terrace - The Park Central - Hilton Double Tree - Sardi's - Hudson Station - Phoebe - Triple Crown - Ashton's Alley - Park Lane Hotel - Paramount Hotel - The Yale Club - The Parker Meridian - The Intercontinental - Novotel - Sierra Bistro - The Knickerbocker Club - Devon and Blakely - Westchester Country Club - St Andrews Country Club - Scarsdale Country Club - Trump International - Larchmont Shore Club

"From my family to yours